A Wife For A Night

I have a big work party this weekend, and no one to take with me. One of our senior workers is retiring next year and I want his position, so I need to make a good impression with my boss over the next few months. He’s a family man and always talking about the importance of a good home life. He thinks that single people aren’t reliable enough to be in management positions. I never would I have thought that I would do something like this, but I’m going to call Derby escorts and hire a lady to pretend to be my wife for the evening. I looked through their website and all the girls I saw were lovely. I’m sure they have experience with this sort of thing. I know that lying like this is wrong, but so is only promoting married people. The fees are somewhat expensive, but I’m looking at this as an investment in my future.

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Please Stick Around

I met my fuck buddy online on a website that offers adult chat, she is a very sexy and mature housewife. She does have other buddies and she let me know upfront that she did not want any type of relationship, strictly fun only. I find myself viewing her new videos daily that she makes from home in her bedroom.

Being single I jumped at the opportunity to have this type of friend, although I have not had the courage to tell any of my friends. I think that they would make fun of my because I have never been able to have a long term girlfriend in the past, I think it is because I am a huge computer nerd.

Life has been treating me good and we hang out a couple times of week, she must like something that I am doing for her. I hope she sticks around for a long time!

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A Special Day

I have learned a lot of things from the girls working for the Sheffield escorts agency. I am fairly new and they love to show me the ropes and are very generous. They gave me a helpful tip upon arrival to visit clients to see how wealthy they are. I always am extremely happy when I pull up and there is a brand new Mustang sitting in the driveway or even an Escalade. Nice cars usually come in hand with men that are wealthy!

My very first client was pretty special because he did not rush me into anything right away. We sat and chatted for a few to get a feel of each other and he offered me a couple of drinks. He was feeling pretty horny and started kissing me and putting his hand up my shirt. One thing lead to another and when it was all said and done he paid me an extra $200.00!

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