Finding The Right One

I really do not get how men get away with things so much easier than women. When a woman asks a man if they wanna fuck they automatically seem sleazy. But when a man does it some how they end up looking cool in front of everyone. This right here is the exact reason why I do not go out to the bar with all of my girlfriends. I refuse to go out and make a complete fool out of myself by saying something stupid like that. My type of outing where I can go to pick up men is out at a restaurant with a mini bar. This way there is no loud music or people arguing. Just me, the chosen man and my liquor. Quite scenery like that is what gives me the confidence to do what I need to in order to find the right one.

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A Crazy World

I am not really a politics person but I will say that I really don’t agree with any going on in the world today. Foe the first time in months I watched the news with my co-workers from Nottingham escort agency during lunch break. I was appalled at all the decisions being made and all the crime going on even. It feels as if everything is slowly starting to fall apart, and everyone is to blind to see it. I really hope that the world changes before today’s children become adults. It is hard to tell what troubles they have ahead of them in the future. If it keeps going like it is now I am afraid they will never be able to afford a good life with a family. I can only have faith I guess in what the world is going to become.

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Where Are You?

I honest to god thought I was meeting my fuckbuddy Birmingham tonight at 6, but apparently someone misunderstood the other along the way. I tried calling and texting him the past half hour and haven’t got a reply yet. I don’t think he is out with anyone else but I do feel that it is rude not to answer any of my messages when I clearly stated I was sitting outside of his house. It is funny because this same exact scenario happened to me a few years ago and I never ended up seeing the guy again. I believe I tried to reach him by phone numerous times but never got one single call back. I am crossing my fingers that it is not happening again because I like this one, but if it does oh well, on to the next. Just because I’m a lady does not mean I need to sit and pout because of a man walking away.

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Living A Double Life

I have been in a biker gang for 25 years and there is never a dull moment. You have your normal life of working and taking care of the family. The biker click is another totally different family that you deal with in other ways. We take long bike trips to different locations and hold many fundraiser during the years to raise money for different foundations.

When I am on those long trips I always want a young, attractive and slim lady to hit the pavement with me. I make an arrangement with the Nottingham escorts months in advance and view their portfolios before I make my final decision. I always request that they are in a leather and skimpy attire for riding. Riding the bike and the flirty always gets a little intense and we end up pulling over to get a room. If my wife ever finds out she would be angry and I would be single!

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Please Stick Around

I met my fuck buddy online on a website that offers adult chat, she is a very sexy and mature housewife. She does have other buddies and she let me know upfront that she did not want any type of relationship, strictly fun only. I find myself viewing her new videos daily that she makes from home in her bedroom.

Being single I jumped at the opportunity to have this type of friend, although I have not had the courage to tell any of my friends. I think that they would make fun of my because I have never been able to have a long term girlfriend in the past, I think it is because I am a huge computer nerd.

Life has been treating me good and we hang out a couple times of week, she must like something that I am doing for her. I hope she sticks around for a long time!

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